About Us

The Chartior team is composed of individuals who have a common passion for e-scooters and e-bikes and want to share it with as many people as possible. Our vision is one of an electric vehicle future that will help protect and sustain the environment. We teamed up to execute our vision to offer high quality products at a reasonable price while providing first-class customer service. We are and will continue to be fully dedicated to serve all our customers who share our passion and/or interest in electric mobility and enhancing our planet footprint.


Our mission is to encourage the world to adopt and use electric scooters and bikes, starting with North America. We firmly believe that the whole world will adopt electric vehicles and will particularly embrace scooters and e-bikes for their convenience, flexibility, affordability as well as for the freedom they provide from the hassles of public transportation or big cities traffic while at the same contributing to our environmental impact.


We are continuously enhancing the design and performance of our products to get the highest value for the price (longer time batteries, lighter e-scooters,.). We will also help facilitate all purchases through creative financing options (lease, regular payments), protection plans (theft insurance), and great support programs. Chartior’s electric scooters and bikes will become the reference for excellence.